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When once we were three now we are two something seem to be missing. I turn my head and the person who should be there was not. Something seem to be missing. I think back to the times when we were three and everything is in sync now we are un-sync will the times when it was three and not two be back. I really hope so. And the times we were in sync will be once again.

Sync & Un-Sync

The Power and meaning of letters

Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase

Kudos – Karma – Kismet – Knowledge – Kairos – Kali – Kabbalah – Kallisiti

All of these are words of undefined, gentle yet unequivocal power.
K = the Mystic letter

Vagina – vulva – virgin
Woman – womb – witch – wise

‘W’ – ‘double u’ – uu = breasts? (breast-like) W = female power
‘V’ is a single of ‘W’ V = innocent woman/sacred woman?

Man – male – masculine – muscle – machine – mad – manic – master – monk‘M’ is a very male dominated letter. M = male power (‘the symbolic core of man’)

However, ‘M’ also includes;
Moon – menstruate – maiden – mother

M = opposite = W
W: Is open upwards & outwards; receiving – feminine
M: Turned inwards; downwards; closed.

Womb-man. WO-MAN = Woman.

Man is part of woman. Woman is part of man.

KWM MWK WMK = Wo-Man-Kind(red)

3 powerful…

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Chained chained chained

Willingly or not

Within reason

Just to make my loved ones not worried

Just to make them felt relief

I go with their wishes more than mine

But sometimes I just wish so much

To be free of this chain and do as I wish more than theirs

Maybe they feel the same way too

May all of us one day be free of chains to be and do as we all wish



All was very quite as I sat alone

It was if I was surrounded by light

I felt at ease and all was calm 

On a journey I was taken that night 

A gentle voice said do not be afraid

Please take hold of my hand

I want to take you on a journey

To a peaceful and pleasant land 

My companion was a spirit guide

Who explain his world to me?

He was taking me on an adventure

For me alone to see 

He wanted to elevate my fears

That death is not the end

It’s the beginning of a new experience

This message to all I send

First and foremost you all are spirit

For the material is but brief

For as we leave the material world

Our spirit within is released 

You are then reunited with your loved ones

Who have all past before?


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I know, I know just what you cannot tell

I know and understand so well

But yet your silent voice is heard

For I know and understand


There are words I long to hear

Words I have hoped to hear for many a year

But I know that you feel constrained

And because of this your heart is pained

I know and understand


But if you would make my heart rejoice

You have no need to use your voice

For if it’s true what I believe

And if my eyes do not deceive

Simply look into my eyes and hold my hand

And I will know and understand


Ron Martin

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Night Fills Me With Relief

Poetic Trials

Night fills me with relief
The shadows stretch along the street
And I am surrounded by black
I am able to hide
In the middle of the sidewalk
As the world bends and moves
Around me
I have a moment to breathe
At night, I am invisible
To reaching hands and swarming crowds
I can stop and let the days
Seep into my bloodstream
And allow the memories
To settle upon my tongue
Night fills me with relief
And I am able to whisper
My own name

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