A moon lit night

A moon lit night


Life is Pain

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By Alvin Benatovich – April 23, 2013

Between the final breath
And moment of birth
We know too well
Pain on earth

From serious injury
There comes real pain
Enough to convince you
You’re going insane

But the most insidious
Agony yet met
Is knowing
An unspoken regret

Live each day
As if you’re last
Speak your mind
You can’t relive the past

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I got to do a little thinking today. I found out some not too good side of me. I don’t hate it but I think I also don’t like it. I find that I may be the kind of person who run away from emotional attachment. When someone get too close. I tend to avoid it. I started o put space between the person who get close to me  I don’t know why and I don’t know how. Why I turn out the way I am now. One thing I do know if you don’t gave you don’t get. Is it because I am afraid to get hurt or is there another reason that I don’t know myself yet. This has been long on my mind. 

Mystic Forest

Towering Trees that reach the sky
Endless Green in front of your eyes
Beautiful Blue above your head 
Softest Grasses under your feet 
Noises in the bushes
Strange Lights in the dark 
Creatures of the forest
Of Light & Dark 
Careful, Careful, tread through 
Do not disturb nor intrude 
Least Guardian of the forest 
You Attract, Regret you will 

Regret U Will

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Stranger when we first met.By the time you leave. Friends we were. Lots happen during this time. Not a short time, not a long time. From the time you came to the time you went. One thing I can say. It has been a good time. Quick you were in everything you do. From learning to having a boyfriend to marriage all in a fast mode. how long has it been, a year, half a year. All in all. it’s wonderful to have met you.

Xiao Yu