Worlds Apart, Where Do I Start…..

The Wind carries our wishes and prayers to the stars
Water carries our emotions to distant shores so far
Fire shows our passions of love how to burn and melt together as one
Earth nurtures that love, bringing us together under the moon and sun
This is most beautiful and taking to heart these words of nature and us makes me feel that the element can be deadly but also a safe refuge for us


Life is Pain

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By Alvin Benatovich – April 23, 2013

Between the final breath
And moment of birth
We know too well
Pain on earth

From serious injury
There comes real pain
Enough to convince you
You’re going insane

But the most insidious
Agony yet met
Is knowing
An unspoken regret

Live each day
As if you’re last
Speak your mind
You can’t relive the past

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All rights reserved

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Poem for the Old Lady that Lived in a Shoe

Poetic Trials

She had always wanted to be a mother

For as long as she could remember

So took them all in

Friends, family, children and pets


Until her home was overflowing

With kindness, laughter and mirth

She had been blessed with a big heart

And gentle hands


So they all come to live

In her little house in the shape of a boot

She makes sure they are warm

She makes sure they are loved


In a world of misplaced hearts and broken toys

People tend to hurt more than loved

So she will be their mother

Doctoring wounds and soothing pain


Knowing, we will never understand

Everything she gave freely

but understanding

we knew she always had an open door

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