This is my first time adding an entry to weekly writing challenge and it not very good with no inconsistency but still hope someone will enjoy it.

In the beginning there was no light and from far away came being of light who saw the earth as a chance to start a new life. they bought with them technology to start a colony on earth.They bought with them plants and animal.They bought with them light to  brighten then earth for it was a dark place then not as it was now, but they do not know the nature of earth every core. They have set down every prevention and evacuation program,then  they settle down and started to leave on earth as time passed and they population grown. Earth was almost fill up by them. The elders of  their race suggested that the young and able go and search out another world in which their community can grow. preparation was started as they prepare to leave, Disaster happen just as they have finish preparation.From the heart of earth core lava flow and flow and flow and though they have every evacuation plan in motion. It still could not stop their race from suffering. Some escape some did not but without their technology to aide them,some survive and adapt some died. from this event come the first man and woman of this world,and all other living thing too.


Weekly Writing Challenge 01

Worlds Apart, Where Do I Start…..

The Wind carries our wishes and prayers to the stars
Water carries our emotions to distant shores so far
Fire shows our passions of love how to burn and melt together as one
Earth nurtures that love, bringing us together under the moon and sun
This is most beautiful and taking to heart these words of nature and us makes me feel that the element can be deadly but also a safe refuge for us

Poem 145:

i liked it

the Poets Heart


Shadow adrift


Shadows now adrift
lie upon a distant hill
with no more flowers to bestow,
the sun bows low

the day’s labor done
a journey cast in twilight view,
to home, each shall turn

but before the night
shares her madness true
each days treasure
clothed in golden hue
shall say with tender kiss,
I love you, but adieu

I found this old poem in my archive, and remembered
the poem was ‘chopped up’ to become 102 & a tiny bit of 103,
posted just for fun…

© 2013 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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Poem 154:

True as true can never be

the Poets Heart

The Wolf Within


If you should find a wolf inside
howling with madness in the wind
remember that his twin,
also resides within

if one should growl and bare his teeth
find the brother, that you must
warm and friendly,
in his heart love grows deep
feed the one with a smile,
but let the other sleep

Two wolves battle within each boy
one small and filled with lies,
the other born of a gentle soul
the difference in who prevails
rests not in size or bite
but the one you feed, will win  the fight.

Inspired by the Cherokee legend of the two wolves
which you can read about here

© 2013 by James Spruell All rights reserved

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