Faraway Faraway by the sea

Deep beneath the ocean

There live a mermaid

Who dream of the world above the sea

Story of wonder and story of joy

And most of all story of love

A prince on a white steed

Chargeing to the damsel in distress

The lady in a beautiful gown

Walking down the aisle on the arm of their beloved

And they live happily after forever more.

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Dream of love

Merchant’s Cafe and Saloon

Poetic Trials

The ghosts of Seattle
Need a drink
Time to time
A break from their daily grind
Pulling up a stool since 1890
Watching as people
Come and explore
Listen for their whispers
Wondering their names
And sometimes they answer
With their secrets
Running up and down
The stairs
Hiding in the bathroom
Hoping for one more scare
To end out the night
Watching a few people
Hang in the shadows
And the ghosts of Seattle
Observe the groups
Stumbling over the curb
Making their way to clubs
To their cars
To a home for the night
And they sit at the bar
Pushing glasses off the counter
Trying to remember home
And wonder if they will ever
Return one night

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Sea Witch (Repost February 2016)

Poetic Trials

Lingering at the bottom
Of the sea
Skimming over the edges
For she has seen
The world that could be
She learn how to barter
With others’ gifts
In exchange for something
That never exists
How eager others are to grab
At something out of reach
Instead of simply looking
Next to them
How eager are little fish to walk
And people to fly
She will grant them an illusion
To an allusion, to a lie
For everyone wants more
Than what they already have
And her gift
Had always been her charisma
And a few magic tricks

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Sun Moon Stars

A sun chaser
A moon lover
A star reacher
Bright is the sun
Bright is the moon
Bright are the stars
Who the brighter of them all
Why are they so lovely and bright
One light up the sky in the morning
Two of them light up the sky at night
If ever they are missing.
All will be dark
A fate I do not wanna think.

The night road

Quiet is the night
Pretty is the night
With the lights on the road
shining bright
The moon and stars looking
down on me
Though I can’t see it with
the lights all around
I know the moon and stars are out there always shining bright and showing us the way home


When it strike
There no sight
You know there something
in front of you but you see nothing
No sound
You know there is a lot of sound
around you but you hear nothing
No voice
You know there someone around you calling you but no matter how you struggle you can’t respond telling them it alright
I’m alright. I’m alright. I’m alright.
When you come out of it
The first things you feel is breathless
The second is you seem out of sync with everything
The third is
I want to breath
I want to stand
I am free

It like the shackles holding me down have finally broken. 

I’m alive. both in state of body and state of mind

State of mind

A day that begun with peace of mind to end up with sorrow in mind
Tears that can’t freely flow
to not cause more stress
A father who don’t understand
A mother who caught between
cause she understand
A brother who tries to mediates
a staunch ally if you are in the right
Hope I can still reach my peace of mind by the time this day has ended.