When it strike
There no sight
You know there something
in front of you but you see nothing
No sound
You know there is a lot of sound
around you but you hear nothing
No voice
You know there someone around you calling you but no matter how you struggle you can’t respond telling them it alright
I’m alright. I’m alright. I’m alright.
When you come out of it
The first things you feel is breathless
The second is you seem out of sync with everything
The third is
I want to breath
I want to stand
I am free

It like the shackles holding me down have finally broken. 

I’m alive. both in state of body and state of mind



If ever others people scold you.
It over n past when they finish.
It is when what they shouted at you
Is right that hurt the most.
It feel like they use a boulder to
Crash right through.
And when you admit to yourself
It’s hurts like hell
A hurt no one can see but you know it is so.

Whenever someone walk in and out of you life 

Changes happened
Thing in your daily life and things not
Change in your habit 
Changes in your home
Changes everywhere
At first you would not notice 
When the time happen that you did 
It will have been that you have started to put it to rest 
Whether it be a loved ones gone or a new arrival
Things will have changes and never will be again.



I got to do a little thinking today. I found out some not too good side of me. I don’t hate it but I think I also don’t like it. I find that I may be the kind of person who run away from emotional attachment. When someone get too close. I tend to avoid it. I started o put space between the person who get close to me  I don’t know why and I don’t know how. Why I turn out the way I am now. One thing I do know if you don’t gave you don’t get. Is it because I am afraid to get hurt or is there another reason that I don’t know myself yet. This has been long on my mind. 

It not always someone who dies…………………

Saw the Fox drama Bones today. One sentence that Booth say had me thinking, it really is so. Booth did not finish the sentence he say but i think i understand what it is he’s been trying to say. It goes like this, ”It not always someone who dies” He stop here but i think i know what the next things he’s going to say, ”Something always dies with him. Got me to thinking. Guess it true in a way. No matter who die or how he dies somethings always do dies with him, whether it a person believe in something or other. A part of someone always dies when someone dies especially if that someone is someone you loves.

There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your Heart’s desire. The other is to get it.

There are two tragedies in life.
One is not to get your Heart’s desire.
The other is to get it.
What i don’t get is how can one not be happy if he got his heart’s desire,
unless his heart’s desire had to do with love that i do get. If he love her and she don’t love him, even if she is he his heart’s desire then i get the not happy. Others material stuff then i don’t get. If it’s money i don’t think anyone will not be happy if he/she has lots of it. If it’s power or authority i don’t think any would be unhappy that they have…………… now that i have come to here i found that maybe i would if it had to do with life and death n the decision i make decide it. It’s gonna be a hard one if no matter which way i go there’s bound to be death just more or less and take into consideration that maybe something unexpected may happen. The more power n authority one have the more unhappy one will be. I will rather not have it. Now that i have time to think about it even if one have lots of money there is also unhappiness because of it. The also disadvantages to it, one is never do we know if one’s friends is true or false. Did he/she make friends with me because he/she want to or because i have money and making me a friend have it advantages. Still i wish everyone out there will eventually get his heart’s desire and be happy.


Life is what we make of it and not what we wish it to be.

Saw the Heroes drama intro today with my bro.
He ask me this,what power would u most like to have if u could.
I told him the power to travel to the past.
He say that the power that fellow from japan had the power to time-travel.
I ask myself why did i choose the power that i choose.
The answer is this if i could only go back to the day before dad slam the door,
when i was still a baby,would my life be any different.
The end conclusion is this.
Life is what we make of it and not what we wish it to be.
Make any sense, i know not maybe you out there would know.