Adventure continue in santuary as all the dragon under the control of tala is free. The only dragon rider are now those with the tame dragon. Evil magi abound n they have to find a way to save both alta and tia from the evil magi.




well like any other book at first it is boring but as you read on you get caught up. Speak of vetch a serf turn dragon-boy turn jouster. Vetch was content with his lot. When jouster Ari rescues him from him tyrant of a master and took him in as his dragon boy. He could hardly believe his good fortune and listening to ari talking of dragon and how he came to be a jousters with a dragon like no other. So when opportunity came vetch took it, and his life is never the same come with me on this adventure if you like dragons fiction.

Poem for the Old Lady that Lived in a Shoe

Poetic Trials

She had always wanted to be a mother

For as long as she could remember

So took them all in

Friends, family, children and pets


Until her home was overflowing

With kindness, laughter and mirth

She had been blessed with a big heart

And gentle hands


So they all come to live

In her little house in the shape of a boot

She makes sure they are warm

She makes sure they are loved


In a world of misplaced hearts and broken toys

People tend to hurt more than loved

So she will be their mother

Doctoring wounds and soothing pain


Knowing, we will never understand

Everything she gave freely

but understanding

we knew she always had an open door

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