A Dancing Fool name Luz

A gust of wind came blowing by
During an idyllic time
The sun was shinning
The sky was blue
The meadow dripping with morning dew
Crystal clear water running by
And a dancing fool by the name of luz

A gust of wind came blowing by
During an idyllic time
The sun got hidden
The sky turn grey
The meadow all muddy in the rain
Fast n furious the river goes
Washing away the dancing fool name luz

Oh what Oh what am I going to do
Say the dancing fool
To the sun,the sky and the river gnome
Oh what Oh what am I going to do 

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Sun Moon Stars

A sun chaser
A moon lover
A star reacher
Bright is the sun
Bright is the moon
Bright are the stars
Who the brighter of them all
Why are they so lovely and bright
One light up the sky in the morning
Two of them light up the sky at night
If ever they are missing.
All will be dark
A fate I do not wanna think.

The night road

Quiet is the night
Pretty is the night
With the lights on the road
shining bright
The moon and stars looking
down on me
Though I can’t see it with
the lights all around
I know the moon and stars are out there always shining bright and showing us the way home


When it strike
There no sight
You know there something
in front of you but you see nothing
No sound
You know there is a lot of sound
around you but you hear nothing
No voice
You know there someone around you calling you but no matter how you struggle you can’t respond telling them it alright
I’m alright. I’m alright. I’m alright.
When you come out of it
The first things you feel is breathless
The second is you seem out of sync with everything
The third is
I want to breath
I want to stand
I am free

It like the shackles holding me down have finally broken. 

I’m alive. both in state of body and state of mind

State of mind

A day that begun with peace of mind to end up with sorrow in mind
Tears that can’t freely flow
to not cause more stress
A father who don’t understand
A mother who caught between
cause she understand
A brother who tries to mediates
a staunch ally if you are in the right
Hope I can still reach my peace of mind by the time this day has ended.

Worlds Apart, Where Do I Start…..

The Wind carries our wishes and prayers to the stars
Water carries our emotions to distant shores so far
Fire shows our passions of love how to burn and melt together as one
Earth nurtures that love, bringing us together under the moon and sun
This is most beautiful and taking to heart these words of nature and us makes me feel that the element can be deadly but also a safe refuge for us