Nothing so strong & yet so vulnerable
Something that can lift you up & throw you down
Something that can make you happy & hurt you bad
Some we make & some we don’t
At times It comes to us when we least expected
At times It’s gone before we really knew it
Mother & daughters
Father & sons
Sisters & Brothers
Family, Friends, Lover, co-worker,
We may be close,we may be not
But no matter what & no matter where
A bond is a bond
Nothing can break it if it’s strong
Still break it will if it’s not
Strong or vulnerable
To keep or to break
It’s all up to you

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Love is not a possession 
For love is not a thing
Love is not to feel constrain
For love is freedom
Love should not be bout control
For love is passion
Love is trust
Trust is others 
And trust in urself
Lastly love is security
For love to lead to marriage
Forever 2 hearts beats as one

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Forever Love

My Mother
A Friendly lady she is
Chatting everywhere with
People she knew n people she don’t
My Mother
A stubborn person she is
Especially when she’s ill
To the doctor we told her to go
she insisted on not
Saying self-medication will do
My Mother
A patient person she is 
Dealing with us all 
Unpredictable me 
When frustration set in bro
Moody dad 
Sis the best even temper she is 
My Mother 
Still lots of things I don’t know 
Things I know but can’t think of 
Who can say we know who best 
Knowing someone well is a life time knowledge
though I’m a little late

My Mother

Mother the one who know me  best
Mother the one who with me always
From the day I was born to now
Every steps of the way
Every happiness sadness and joy
She always the one there to share
On this day of all day
HaPpy mother day to all mothers

Mother the one who know me best

a bump on the road

Am on the bus heading to place suddenly we came across a bump on the road and up we go almost flew off my seat well my butt did separate from my seat then down we came and a gasp came out and a wow as in wow that when I decided what to write cause I am on browsing WordPress.

Dun make sense

Well Well What to write What to write & it’s quite late almost morning. I’m tired felt sleepy too. Brain not working. The best things to do now will be going to bed. That the sensible thing to do at this moment so I guess I just go to bed. Ciao later.