Pan and Tink ~ Part Deux


Nice Girls Finish Last Too!


This is in response to Eva Finn’s post “Nice guys finish last, not because…”

So a lot of guys came out of the woodwork– a bit defensive, stressing the guy in the story wasn’t really “nice” and arguing what constitutes a “nice guy” or a “gentleman”.

Well maybe at some point, Jon was a nice guy or you were a nice guy, or that juror number 6 was a nice guy too; but you know what all the “nice guys” have in common? They met their Queen B who opened them up and set their hearts on fire while they were still breathing.

And girls, you know this has happened to you too! You have been stomped on and may have even lit a match yourself.

We were all “nice” once–

when we met someone that we thought as being special, connected, kindred souls. You poured your heart into doing…

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Nothing so strong & yet so vulnerable
Something that can lift you up & throw you down
Something that can make you happy & hurt you bad
Some we make & some we don’t
At times It comes to us when we least expected
At times It’s gone before we really knew it
Mother & daughters
Father & sons
Sisters & Brothers
Family, Friends, Lover, co-worker,
We may be close,we may be not
But no matter what & no matter where
A bond is a bond
Nothing can break it if it’s strong
Still break it will if it’s not
Strong or vulnerable
To keep or to break
It’s all up to you

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