Dun make sense

Well Well What to write What to write & it’s quite late almost morning. I’m tired felt sleepy too. Brain not working. The best things to do now will be going to bed. That theĀ sensible thing to do at this moment so I guess I just go to bed. Ciao later.


The Universe And I

sing-song poetry anyone

Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase

universeDance with the stars,
Sing with the universe,
Vibrate in time with the energy.
Laugh with your heart,
See with your soul,
You are the universe and in you it grows.

Atoms, particles, stardust, black holes-
Dark and light and heat and cold;
Grey matter and dark matter,
Physical and non-physical,
Patterns and a-symmetrical,
The seen and unseen.

Maocrosm and microcosm
The universe and me.
If you prick a planet does it not bleed?
Volcanic eruptions and raging seas.
We are One, the universe and I,
I have always been, and shall be
When this body dies.

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