Teaching is not as easy as it looks like from the outsides view. There are lots of thing to take notes & the one learning from you may not learn everything at once. She/He will be asking question after question & often repeating the same question over & over. Sometimes it can be frustrating as hell. Yup teaching is no easy job especially if what He/She need to learn it fast & the one teaching is still learning.

Teaching is not as easy as it looks


‘warImageIn this book you will know why i say what i say that Arenadd the man without a heart feel more than those with a heart, so i will not say more. Find out for urself what fate befall this man without a heart.

The griffin’s war

Image”I will not forgive.
I will not forget.
And if the chance comes,
I will have revenge.”
That was what he promise himself when Eluna die
This is the 1st book of the series: The Fallen Moon
Reading the 1st book.I cried some for the fate that befall him. Because of the circumstances of his birth and statue of his parent he became what he came to be
Some say Hero, Some say Villain
What say you?

The dark griffin